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  • What is the gender ratio?
    Free events: At free events, there may be more women or more men attending an event. Paid events: Paid events ensure a balanced gender quota.
  • Schedule & Program
    The setting and framework are given (e.g. wine hike), but there is no additional program. The event takes its natural course.
  • Matching?
    At free events, it is up to the participants to exchange contact details if they like each other. At paid events, if there is a match, Soulid ensures that contact details are exchanged after the event.
    Events for LGBTQAI+ people or specifically for homosexual people also take place at longer intervals. The greater the demand, the more often more specific events (regarding age groups) can take place.
  • Outdoor event in bad weather?
    For free events, participants themselves assess whether the event can take place due to the weather. For paid events, participants receive a cancellation email or the location is changed (e.g. moved indoors).
  • refund
    For paid events you can request a refund here.
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